PDG Tony Wong 黃昭文 – DG 2006-2007

PDG Tony Wong


Membership and offices held in social and civic organizations :

  • Chairman of Board of Directors (2004-2006) – Cognitio College (1979) Ltd. – The Sponsoring Body of Cognitio College (Hong Kong) & Cognitio College ( Kowloon)
  • Chairman of Cognitio College Alumni Association Ltd. (1999-2005)
  • Current Committee Member; Life & Voting member of South China Athletic Association since June, 1989
  • Chairman of Ruffian Association, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (2000-2001) & Social Secretary (1998-2000)
  • Member of Group 16 – Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Brief outline of business or professional career, including firm(s) and dates:

  • Started as a pioneer printing shop in 1969 at Lee Tung Street, Wanchai, previously a famous printing street in Hong Kong;
  • Have 5 shops in the same street in 1983;
  • Moved to factory and incorporated as a group of companies in 1983, family owned and took the role as General Manager;
  • Further expanded the printing & publishing businesses and act as General Manager for the following group of companies that as today, have 294 employees:
    • Ho Wai Calendar & Premium Ltd. (1984);
    • Findat Investment Co., Ltd. (1989);
    • Rainbow Tower Offset Printing Ltd. (1993);
    • Wai Tao Printing Co., Ltd. (in China) (1994);
    • Shing Tak Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd. (1999);
    • Luckview Computer to Plate Co., Ltd (2000);
    • Fine Art Gallery (2004)
  • As a professional freelance photographer since 1975

Personal Profile

Personal Particulars

Wong Chiu Man is also known as Tony, Chiu Man Wong

– Born in Hong Kong on 26th May 1950.

– Male, married to Winnie, Pui Fun CHENG on 19 th March, 1974.

– Have 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters.

– Live with family and parents.

– Have 2 sons: Elder son Andy Yu Hang WONG was graduated by Sept., 2001 from University of California, Irvine, major in Psychology; he had further scored his Master Degree in Organizational Psychology from Allied University , LA in 2003 and now working in Hong Kong as a Corporate Officer of a Japanese Public Electrical Firm; and younger son Willie Yu Yan WONG graduated in International Business at America Inter-continental University in LA. USA. He is now working in Nikon HK Ltd.

My Family

I must say I am a very lucky man to have a very happy family. My parents are very traditional Chinese and indeed they are, very responsible to the family. They had spent their whole lives’ efforts to take care of their children. They are 84 and 81 of age now and are living with my family.

I was married to Winnie in 1974. For more than 30 years, she was a very sophisticated woman with perseverance and very determined mind . We went through many ups and downs and she could always help me to overcome problems and share d with me the success of achievements.

My two sons, Andy and Willie, like most young people, love to follow the trend . For the sake of narrowing our gap, I pushed myself to learn a lot about pop songs and fancy items such as computer, mp3, game machines, fashionable wears and whenever they came back home, we could share very happy times together like very good friends.

My brothers and sisters: it is hard to believe that we are all working together and even, my brothers and sisters ‘in law’ are helping our family companies. I am a proud leader of my family and my leadership philosophy is to give before you get. I had appointed them as directors and giving them company shares. I help them to have their own apartments, cars before I could have. And so, they are so willing to work wholeheartedly for our family companies.

My Service in Rotary

As a Rotarian:

Club Level

Attendance: The only member of the club has 100% attendance since chartered.

Contribution: Highest donation to Red Box and Service Funds every year.

Participated Activities:

1996 – 1997

  • Charter member of Rotary Club of Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Rotary International, District 3450 since its inception on 23 rd October, 1996.

1997 – 1998

  • Appointed as the Associate Editor of the Charter Ball Organizing Committee.
  • Appointed as the Bulletin Editor from 1997 to 1999.
  • Joining the service for a fun day with ponies for Mentally Handicapped Children at the Jockey Club Beas River Country Club.
  • Joining the service for Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner for 200 Seniors and as a voluntary driver for the Seniors.
  • Joining the service for the Big Brother and Sister Orientation Program to help the new Immigrant children from China.
  • Sponsored and participated in a project of building 2 schools in Guangxi Province, China

1998 – 1999

  • Appointed to be the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee for the China Project – Redevelopment of 2 run-down school buildings in the mountainous district in Quangxi Province in Southern China.
  • Awarded the Membership Drive Team Award on 27 th April 1998.
  • Achieve the Highest Red Box Donor 97/98 of Red Box – funds for community service.
  • Participated the Career Seminar to Cognitio College on 8 th May 1999

1999 – 2000

  • Nominated as the Vice President of Rotary Club of Happy Valley, R.I. District 3450.
  • Elected as the President-elect 2000-2001 of Rotary Club of Happy Valley, R.I. District 3450.
  • Working with the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong a project to promote inter-flow between school students in Hong Kong and those in Guangxi, China with over 60 students aging 7 to 12 had participated an unforgettable project to Guangxi Shing-lu Primary School during Easter holidays, 2000.

2000 – 2001

  • As President 2000-2001 of Rotary Club of Happy Valley, R.I. District 3450.
  • Participated the ‘Work Shadowing Scheme’ of University of Hong Kong.
  • Supporting community service projects with St. James Settlement for elderly peoples to visit Chi Lin Temple and the International Airport .
  • Supporting ORBIS for eye care project.
  • Working with Police Eastern District for problem youth programs and anti-crime, anti-drug projects.

2001 – 2002

  • Participated the Mid-Autumn Festival Party for disabled students of Buddhist Po Kwong School in Fanling.
  • Participated the One day Ocean Park Tour organized for single parent families of Industrial Accidental Victims Rights Association on December 29, 2001.
  • Joint project with Western Monastery Volunteer to organize a party for the elderly in Leung Kau Kui Hostel on March 3, 2002.
  • Participated the Career Talk organized for Cognitio College on February 8, 2002 and Ma Ko Pan Memorial Secondary School on May 25, 2002 respectively.

2002 – 2003

  • Appointed as the Advisor to charter the Interact Club of Ma Ko Pan Memorial Secondary School.
  • Arranging vocational visit to Shenzhen & Dongguan, China to visit factories and high school of the Donghua organization.


  • Participated in the Matching Grant project with Rotary Club of Scarborough, Perth, Australia to teach students from Hong Kong to assembling wheel chairs for handicap children.
  • Participated a Career Talk to students of Cognitio Colleges.

District Level


100% attendance to the Yearly District Conference, District Assembly District Vocational Seminar, District Foundation Seminar, District Membership Development Seminar and all District related Seminar since joining Rotary. 100% attendance to JPM & JSM since 2000.


Have joined the District Delegation to visit Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai, since 2000.


  1. Major Donor Level Two of The Rotary Foundation.
  2. Sponsoring Rotary Information Center: Renovation, projector & Centennial Bell. 3. Sponsoring Interact Bazaar since 200 1
  3. Sponsoring the printing cost, video & photograph for Model United Nation Assembly since 2002
  4. Served as photographer for numerous District projects and programs since 1998 and had accumulated over 20,000 photos for the District.
  5. Sponsoring District Conference 2000-2001

District Appointment:

As District Officer:

  • 1999-00 – Secretary General of District Sports Day
  • 2003-04 – District General Secretary
  • 2004-05 – District Secretary

As Chairman:

  • 2000-01
    • District Sports Day Organizing Committee
    • – District Album
  • 2001-02
    • – District Sports & Recreation Committee
    • – August JPM
  • 2002-03
    • – District Vocational Service Committee
  • 2003-04 – Joint Secretaries Meeting
  • 2004-05
    • – Joint Secretaries Meeting
    • – District Fund-raising Chairman (Chinese Opera Songs)

As Committee Member:

  • 2000-01
    • – District Sports & Recreation Committee
    • – Rotary Zone Institute – Hong Kong
    • – District Assembly
  • 2001-02
    • – District Conference
    • – District Assembly
    • – Rotary Youth Leadership Award
    • – Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
    • – District Team Training Seminar
  • 2002-03
    • – District Management Committee
    • – District Conference
    • – District Assembly
    • – Rotary Youth Leadership Award
    • – Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
    • – District Team Training Seminar
  • 2003-04
    • – District Management Committee
    • – District Conference
    • – District Assembly
    • – Rotary Youth Leadership Award
    • – Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
    • – District Team Training Seminar
    • – District Fund Raising Committee
  • As Counselor of Ambassadorial Scholars
    • 2001 – For outgoing scholar Hanny Wan
    • 2002 – For incoming scholar Pia Schmeckenbecher from Germany
    • 2004 – For incoming scholar Erin Johnson from U.S.A.

District Awards

  • 2000-01
    • – District Vocational Service Award
    • – The Best President Involvement
  • 2001-02
    • – Most Dedicated Rotarian
    • – Champion of District Karaoke Contest
  • Rotary International Recognition
    • 2001-02 – The Four Avenue of Service Award

International Level

  • 2004 – The Osaka Convention

(Most of my attentions to the Rotary International activities are through the internet, I have studied most of the Rotary International programs including International Assembly, Council of Legislation meetings (2001 & 2004), Rotary Conventions, Rotary Presidential Celebrations & Rotary Institute)

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